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OCK  (or Octavio Gomez Moncada Quintana) was born in Mexico City in October 5th 1995. He was instructed in the art of music since childhood. OCK feels very grateful for having the opportunity and luck of being proportionated an extensive music education by his family. OCK introduction to music was classical percussion at the age of 4. He performed and toured with the Tijuana's Youth Symphony Orchestra as a percussionist across different states of the country. When he was 8, OCK was admitted to one of the most prestigious music schools of Mexico (INBA).


OCK started to compose his own music when he was 13 and by the time he was 18 he had received a professional music education by international renowned music institutions like Berklee College of Music (US/Online), Lincoln Minster School (GB) and INBA (Mexico).


In 2014 OCK was granted a musical scholarship to study music at Anahuac University (Mexico) were he earned his bachelor's degree in contemporary music in 2019. OCK's music at this time was already starting to achieve merits as they were now getting some important appearances on theaters, festivals, events, and even winning some awards.


OCK continued his musical studies with Berklee Collegue of Music where he learned orchestration for film, TV and games. After becoming a Berklee Alumnus, OCK was offered to become a Berklee Online mentor where he currently advice, assist and help aspiring young composers in their musical career.

OCK also holds a Master's Degree in Composing for Video Games (2020-2022) by the University of Chichester (GB).  In December 2021 OCK moved to Hollywood (US) so he could study the acclaimed Film Scoring program at the University of California, Los Angeles,  he is just about to receive his Diploma. OCK currently works as a freelance composer for visual media.


A man can’t cross the same river twice,
  • Music Master on Composition for Video Games at Thinkspace Education and the University of Chichester

  • Orchestration for Film, TV and Games at Berklee College of Music

  • Film Scoring Program at UCLA

  • Contemporary Music and Piano Performance at Anahuac University 

  • Languages and High School Studies at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education ITESM CCM

  • Piano Studies at Lincoln Minster School on the United Kingdom

  • Classical Percussion Studies at Tijuana's Youth Symphony Orchestra and Mexico city's National Institute of Fine Arts


  • ​OCK (Octavio's Artistic name) signifies to start with humbleness and achieve great things while offering an open hand to others.

    • The etymology of "OCK" comes from two main origins "OC" and "K".

      • OC > Octavio (Ock's birth name) > Octavius (first Roman emperor Gaius Octavius) > Octavus (meaning eighth in Latin) >  ὀκτά- (Oct, Greek root related to number 8).

      • K (Latin) > K/Kappa (Greek) > ꓘ (Etruscan) > 𐤊 (Phoenician) > Hand/Palm sign (Proto-Sinaitic) > Open hand Hieroglyph (Egyptian).

      • The first Roman emperor was known as a great leader of humble origin. An open hand is a universal sign of offering aid. ​

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