Child with VR Set

Interactive Music

Video Games, Simulators, Interactive Experiences, Augmented and Virtual Reality, User Experience.

Adaptive music that responds to events, inputs, or triggers. Custom music paths help the user engage with their own unique gameplay or individual interaction, making it easier for them to develop a strong connection with the game, product, or overall experience.

Film Clapboard

Linear Music 

Films, Cutscenes, Series, Trailers, TV.

Music fixed to moving picture, it usually has a strong relation to what happens on screen or with the narrative. 

Turn Table

Ambient Music

Video Games, Apps, Websites, Videos.

Quite often background musical atmospheres consisting of ethereal harmonies, drones, little to none melodic material, processed audio, and effects that ultimately sets a specific emotion, vibe, mood, or feeling without being intrusive.

Digital social media

User Interface Sound Design

Video Games, Apps, websites.

Satisfactory stingers and sounds specifically crafted for user interfaces and consumer experience, they can also be very musical if desired. These sounds are usually used to reinforce an action or decision.


Song Writting

Video Games, Film, Commercials, Jingles.

Songs usually accompanied with music, the lyrics of the song are usually meaningful well thought and directly related to a narrative.


Other Music Services

Composer Assistant, Orchestrator, Arranger, MIDI Mock-up Creator, Music Editor, Music Implementer.

If your project would benefit from a helping hand, an orchestrator, an arranger, if you would like to have a good-sounding MIDI mock-up of a score, or if a deadline is getting closer and need some additional music I would certainly be of aid.